The Chat Room

We believe the community needs a place to gather and share on a regular basis. We will do everything we can to find ways that this could happen “live”, but meanwhile, we will link to The Library, where all of the videos and webinars from Disability Filibuster, Project Value/WhyUs? and many other projects will be available to viewers with a click.

Our suggestions for Chat Groups might be for discussing strategies for large changes at the federal and provincial levels, or planning for more local work. We could have a Bitchin’ Club; we could have a Grieving Group; we could have a group for asking Questions You’re Afraid to Ask; we could have project-oriented groups. We could have chat groups for issues identified in The Mutual Aid Office or The Legal Office. We could have grant application groups. Really, the possibilities are endless.

The limitations have to do with the cost of making chats safe and accessible to all. Sign language interpreters and real-time captionners are costly but essential. We will have to work out a system for providing accessibility services as required to ensure participation.

Meanwhile, perhaps we can design some kind of “message board” with different topic areas that you can dip into either to contribute thoughts or to solicit input from peers.

PLEASE SEND US YOUR IDEAS! And volunteer to help set it up if you have the know-how!

Your thoughts matter! Share them here.