Living with Dignity

Investing in Life for People with Disabilities

Four hands form a safety net

WELCOME to Living With Dignity Canada! You have landed on the home page of a new Canadian Non-profit organization that seeks to promote alternatives to the so-called “dying with dignity” lobby. This website and the enterprise itself are works in progress. You may find more questions than answers here, but that’s because we are looking to you, the broad, diverse population of people with disabilities, people who care about the well-being and survival of people with disabilities, and the diverse general population of people who want to live in a country that cares about social justice. We are looking to you to pitch in and give LWD its best possible shape and direction. So please join us and contribute to the conversation.

We’re listening!


    1. Not yet. We reached out to them but have not received a response. We are delighted that they exist and are doing this important work in French, which we’re not equipped to do! Are you connected with them in any way?

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