Children’s Section

If you know of any excellent books on disability subjects published with kids in mind, please let us know.

Four Kids Books in a Pile

Meanwhile, here are a few that we’ve collected:

Penguin the Magpie

Beep Beep Bubbie

I Talk Like a River

Zoe’s Extraordinary Holiday Adventure

We Move Together

A book cover illustrates a woman in a manual wheelchair flying through the air on fiery wings with an eagle escort.

Wings on my Wheels is a graphic novel by  Sachi Tamura  (Author), Judith Armstrong  (Author), Liz Hewetson  (Author), Penny Sigouin  (Author), Anne Scott (Editor), Ken Steacy  (Illustrator), Joan Steacy  (Illustrator).

The book tells the story of Donna Pistell, a woman with severe CP who “proved the experts wrong” through her active life of achievement and contribution.

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